1. Christopher says


    Thank you for your email.
    Excellent lesson.



  2. Klaus Crow says

    Hi Christopher,

    Thank YOU for subscribing.

    Enjoy your practice!

    Best regards,
    Klaus Crow

  3. swapnil says

    I have been playing guitar for some time now and knew only major and minor scales never bothered to learn much of theory just played by ear even i dont know what scale i m playing , but this lesson is pretty good for practice and motivational too, thank buddy.

    also can you post a lesson on off time rythm like dream theater or porcupine tree does :)

  4. Joe says

    Klaus, I’ve been browsing around your site for the past couple weeks and have been finding it useful. Thank you so much for the inspiration!

    I’ve been playing guitar for a few years now, but I’m finally getting serious again. Is there a way to apply these sequences in other modes such as dorian, mixolydian or natural minor? I ask because I primarily improvise in those modes. Thanks again


  5. Ian Mclean says

    Regarding the 6 basic major scale sequences, is there supposed to be a specific rhythm to these sequences or is the idea to just get your fingers used to doing random moves?

  6. ron says

    it be good if you explained what was going on in these sequences intervallically?

  7. justin lee says


    I been looking for these exercises! I been playng for 15 or so years and i just got serious about progression! !this is amaizng! !it does boost everything, strength speed trains my ear and results in fresh melodies aswell!!!THANKS! !do you have any more of the same stuff????email me all you got please! !!!or let me know were i can access more.i search and search.with not much luck thks!

  8. Douglas Matson says

    Thank-You I needed more help

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