Give Your Kids the Gift of Music
If your kids show any interest in playing an instrument, then I can’t tell you enough to encourage them to go for it.

You probably have no idea how much of a difference you’ll be making in their lives by letting them explore and develop a talent that will do more for them than you think.

Playing the Guitar Changed My Life
When I first picked up a guitar in the seventh grade, little did I know that my life would never be the same.

My Dad was a guitarist and he couldn’t wait until his son got old enough for him to jam with. He bought me my first real guitar for Christmas: A sweet blood-red Peavey electric bass. It was a great beginner bass guitar that played just as smooth as anything twice its cost. Plus it sounded twice as great too.

It was only a few months of practicing before I was in high school and the my guitar playing really changed my life. When you’re young, you seek out other people who are like you. So naturally I became friends with pretty much any other musician I could find. Before long my evenings and weekends were filled with more band practices and good times than I would have ever predicted. Everywhere I went, we all went as a group.

At a time when most other teenagers were being loners or just plain awkward, being in a band gave me the opportunity to hit the stage at the local talent shows, dances, and other hot spots around town. And with every performance I became more and more adventurous about performing live in public and meeting other people.

Being a Musician Builds Confidence
Because I was with a group of people that understood and identified with the music I loved, I was able to write and perform songs that came straight from my heart. That was something I had never done before – create something from nothing and then use my guitar to broadcast what I was feeling to the rest of the world.

By the time I was in college, most of my friends had moved on and I was on to a new chapter of my life. I put down the bass and decided to pursue my musical career as a solo acoustic act. My tastes in guitars had also matured as I found myself gravitating towards the smooth sounds of Taylor guitars. I got myself a better sounding instrument, a PA system, and a microphone. I was ready to take on the world!

Whereas before I would have relied on other people to book my gigs and come up with the set lists, it was all on me now. I did my own research, made my own calls, and put on my own shows. It was a ton of fun, and I found myself falling in love with the concept of hits the streets every weekend to play a new gig.

Even as an adult with a professional career, I can 100% say that I don’t think I’d be half as confident as I am in my own abilities if I hadn’t been a musician. I was really lucky to receive the encouragement I did as a young teenager just starting out on the guitar.

I had my Dad to set the path, my friends to help develop it, and myself to take it to places I never thought were achievable. I was able to jam out songs I thought I’d never be able to play. I was able to sing in front of people I never thought I’d be able to get up in front of. I had the courage to try things I never thought I could ever do.

Thanks Dad for teaching me the guitar. That was a great present.

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  1. Prasana says

    The gift of music is the most wonderful thing we can give to our child.It makes them confident.It gives them something to share with others.I will certainly give this wonderful gift to my child in the future.thanks for sharing.

  2. says

    My parents bought me a guitar when I was a teenager and It had a massive impact on my life. I can go as far as saying that my life would be meaningless if it were not for music. I will give this gift to all my future children and encourage them to follow their dreams.

  3. says

    @Geiger, Much like the way some people describe the first time they held a baseball bat or some other sports equipment, I too also knew my life would be different in a huge way after the first time I held a guitar. The gift of music was there for me when I needed it the most. And now I want to make sure that my kids get to experience it the same way I did if they need it too.

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