The 5 Minute Guitar Workout

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There are days when I can’t get myself fired up to start practicing.

Sometimes it’s because I think I’m entitled to a break for whatever ridiculous reason or because I’m feeling kind of tired and I’m also burdened with the thought that there is so much else to be done.

They’re all pathetic excuses so I don’t have to get off my lazy ass.

But I found a really easy way to take care of those excuses and to be honest with you it works brilliantly.

I call it “The 5 minute guitar workout”

Let’s take a closer look:

When you’re sitting in that comfy chair of yours or you’re looking at your busy schedule your mind is already going into defense mode and you’re like… “No no I have no energy left or time to play guitar for 20 or 30 minutes, let alone more than that.”

The thought of such a long guitar workout can sometimes be too much of a stumbling block.

Now replace that inner dialog and tell yourself you’re only going to practice for 5 minutes. No more. Just 5 minutes. That sounds easy doesn’t it.

That sounds even quite reasonable.

And you know what… It’s just that little push you need to get started. It’s the number one most important aspect of practicing: “Getting started.”

Once you’ve started the rest takes care of itself. And it’s okay to practice for only 5 minutes but you’ll probably end up playing longer than that, because once you’re playing you’ll get in a flow, a meditative state and you’ll be enjoying the ride.

I found that it works every time, because it’s only 5 minutes whatever the real outcome may be.

It’s so effective that I made 5 minute workouts for everything and I spread those workouts randomly throughout the day and week.

I’ve become in love with my 5 minute workouts.

Here’s my list:

– 5 minute scales workout

– 5 minute speed picking workout (working with a metronome)

– 5 minute improvising workout

– 5 minute playing, memorizing and enjoying songs workout

– 5 minute music theory workout

– 5 minute transcribing songs for my students workout

I also have other 5 minute workouts that have nothing to do with guitar playing whatsoever, but anyway here you are:

– 5 minute meditation workout

– 5 minute running workout

– 5 minute reading workout

Thanks for your 5 minutes. I appreciate it.
Klaus Crow


  1. Fred says

    Thanks dude, I especially appreciate the different workout categories. I will start putting this to use tonight after work :)

  2. says

    Yup, this trick works every time. It’s important to make -daily- progress with your most important music goals, and the 5 minute incentive is a great way to ease into the work flow.

  3. says

    Hi Kyle,

    Right, just small tiny changes of progress every day can lead to really good results, rather trying to hard to make big changes too fast that probably won’t last.

    5 minutes work.

    Klaus Crow

  4. says

    I agree! Getting started is always the hardest part. Once I do, I usually end up having fun and going way longer than the original plan of 5-minutes or whatever.

  5. says

    Hi Bader and Dave,

    Each time you pull it off and you start practicing the progress will motivate you even more, but keep “the 5 minutes trigger” in the back of your mind. Your motivation won’t last forever so whenever you’re in a slump your always have your “5 minute workout” in your back pocket.

    Thanks for your comments guys!

  6. says

    It really is hard to find motivation or even time to practice this stuff. I’d bet 5 minutes of this a day would go a long way. Especially for the experienced player.

  7. Paul Lenaghan says

    Hey Klaus! I’m almost 50 and I just started to pick up and learn guitar. I’ve had it for 14 years. And I engine searched for open chord hints for the key of E and came upon your site. I wish I could say that I comprhend your info, I wrote to you because you reply to a lot of your posts and that made me see that your as interested in people as much if not more than your beautiful website or Guitar Theory. Praise to you Klaus. I’m gonna try to grab as much from your site. Any hints on progression? All the best Klaus. Yours Paul.

  8. says

    Do you have those 5 minute exercises up on your blog already? Links would be great, I’ve checked out some of your other lessons already.

  9. Kat says

    Thanks. It took some of the sense of futility away. I can manage 5 minutes without feeling like a failure. So maybe I’ll try another 5 minutes… maybe I’ll just keep doing 5 minutes until the light bulb goes on. Thanks, it’s a great help.

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