Thank You For Making “50 Cool Blues Licks Improv” Possible

And then there was the “50 Cool Blues Licks Improvisation” course. Something I worked passionately on for quite a long time.

I started out creating blues licks that would give you some new insights and cool ideas for your own soloing and improvisation and then I came into a flow where I just couldn’t stop and decided that 50 cool blues licks was a nice number to go with and to get loads of ideas from.

And then I thought, well there’s more to guitar playing than building a good vocabulary of blues licks.

You need to know how to play the blues scale shapes and have solid improvisation ideas for all of these shapes with exercises, assignments, tips and tricks that will make sure you really master the blues scale thoroughly and know how to use these scale shapes for improvisation. I was on a roll.

Eventually I realized I had created a course that I wish I had myself when I was learning this stuff.

May 23, it was time to go online and it was really exciting. It’s the first time I have created a guitar course for guitarhabits and now selling it online. The launch was above my expectations!

I want to thank everyone who purchased the “50 Cool Blues Licks Improvisation” course. It gives me the opportunity to keep the course available online and making guitarhabits a better place for all guitar players and guitar lifestyle designers.

I also want to thank everyone for all the kindhearted responses I got via email and an awesome thanks to all the readers of guitarhabits. I’m forever grateful!

I’ll keep continuing to make guitarhabits a great source of guitar study material with tabs, videos and abundant inspiration for guitar lifestyle design.

May you keep enjoying and improving your guitar playing forever and ever!

Best regards,
Klaus Crow



  1. Colin Moser says

    Thank you so much for this.

    I’ve been anxiously awaiting this and in the mean time enjoying your blogs in a life changing way.
    Keep it up and thanks so much

    Colin Moser

  2. Paul Fulda says

    Hay Klaus,

    I bought your 50 Cool Blues Licks and Improv which is totally awesome and your website is awesome with so much good information.

    Paul Fulda

  3. Mark Grasso says

    Hi Klaus,

    Thanks very much for your 50 cool licks course. I think you play very well and I like your style! Please continue your great efforts and much success!

    Mark Grasso
    New York

  4. Larry Williamson says

    I just downloaded your course tonight. Great stuff ! Your teaching style is simple, practical and straight forward. Keep up the good work!

    Larry Williamson, Philadelphia, PA.

  5. Vlad Streltsin says

    I wanted to thank you for the 50 Cool Blues Licks Videos, it’s really great!

    Vlad Streltsin

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