The 6 Most Important Habits of Successful Guitar Players

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So what is it that you exactly want to accomplish with your guitar playing? Where are you heading and what is your goal?

Do you want to become a fresh sounding blues guitar player, a fast hell shredding rock dude, an authentic folk singer songwriter or a smooth jazz cat exploring the universe of possibilities?

Do you want to start a band, write, record your own music and build an audience?

Maybe you want to make money playing guitar through teaching and performing. Whatever it is, the stars will all line up for you if you pursue the steps of those who have gone before you.

The most successful guitar players have all incorporated the following habits to ensure their way to success.

Here are the keys: Read More »

The 5 Natural Minor Scale Positions You Must Know

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The natural minor scale can be played in 5 different positions just like the major scale, the pentatonic scale and all the other scales.

These 5 positions are all one and the same natural minor scale but played in different shapes and areas on the fretboard to give you the freedom to play the scale all over the neck and improvise without restrictions.

The natural minor scale (also known as Aeolian mode) is derived from the major scale. So if you already know how to play the 5 positions / shapes of the major scale you will automatically know how to play the positions of the natural minor scale. The only difference is where the root note is located and the name of each position.

If you don’t know how to play the first position of the natural minor scale yet or haven’t even heard of it before then check out this post first: Exploring the natural minor scale

The natural minor scale can be used to play over songs in a minor key and can be perfectly combined with the pentatonic / blues scale (which can also be used for the minor key). Using both scales gives you a bigger and more varied palette to draw from.

The diagrams below give you a nice overview of how the fingers are placed and move over the neck for each position.

Play each position starting from the lowest root note (the red note) then play all the way up (ascending) to the last note on the high E-string, then play all the way down (descending) to the first note on the low E-string and then play up again to the first root note you’ll hit upon.

The tablature shows you how to play each position ascending and descending.


- Practice with a pick using alternate picking technique (down, up, down, up, etc.)
- Make sure each note sounds clean and clear .
- Practice slowly first and when you feel comfortable gradually build up speed.
- Memorize all the root notes of each position.
- Make sure you can play each position thoroughly before moving on to the next.
- Take your time to get it all down. It takes a while. Enjoy the path before reaching your destination.

Have a great time! Read More »

How to Overcome The Fear of Playing in Front of People

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Most musicians have to deal with performance anxiety sooner or later in one way or another.

There are professional musicians who struggle with it each and every single performance and others who overcome it quickly.

I also was not immune to the fear of playing in front of people. I remember one of my first gigs when I smoked 2 pack of cigarettes before going on stage.

The nervousness was unbearable, but the strange thing was when I got on stage and started playing I was so focused that the anxiety fell away. All that was left was pure excitement.

Once I started playing gigs every week it was no more an issue. I learned that doing more of the same thing takes away the fear.

But then “change” can come along, new things happening, unexpected situations, bigger stages, different people, larger crowds and you have to deal with the uneasiness all over again and that’s a pain in the #ss.

Still, when you’re aware of a few simple rules and take the necessary steps the nervousness becomes tolerant and will eventually disappear completely. A big part of the salvation lies in your own hands and is easy to attain.

Fear simply comes from worrying about the future, the unknown, thinking about what might happen, going through all the ‘what if’ scenarios and torturing yourself with what others might think.

They are all scenarios that arent’ there, cause you’re here now and those situations aren’t. They only live in your mind.

And yes that’s the theory, you still have to deal with it or better said ‘let go of it’.

Well, here are the keys to help you out and truly enjoy the entire experience of your performance. Read More »

10 Indispensable Tips from Famous Guitar Players

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I just came back from a holiday in Spain. I didn’t bring my guitar on the holiday and I really missed it from time to time, but I enjoyed great quality time with my wife and three kids.

It’s was also a good time to reflect and evaluate my life. I do that often anyway, but holidays in particular are really suited for some good thinking and gaining new inspiration.

I filled my moleskin notebook with new ideas, things I want to do more or less (more guitar playing, less worrying, more running, less email, more space, less clutter), I wrote down everything that came to mind. Just putting that stuff on paper is good for the soul.

While enjoying every minute of my holiday I also couldn’t wait to start applying all these new ideas when I got come home. It’s great to start over again every time you want to.

Coming back it felt great to feel the strings on my hands again. Later that evening I was watching some interviews and masterclasses of great guitar legends. I always love to do that. There are is so much to learn from that and so many insights to discover. Read More »

Effective Exercises To Make Barre Chords Sound Clean

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Getting a barre chord to sound good is a real struggle for many guitar students, especially on an acoustic guitar.

It takes a while to really get a barre chord to sound clean and clear. Let’s be honest here, barres are nasty pain in the &ss and can be pretty frustrating at first.

It almost feels like impossible to apply the amount of pressure on the fingers to get them sound smooth.

But don’t worry, if you follow the tips and exercises in this post, it’s gonna get better, a lot better. If fact, you’re gonna do great!

The trick is not just about pressing hard. There’s more to it. Yes, it is important to press your index finger firmly down on the strings in order to make it work, but then again, you don’t want to push too hard either. You need to find the right balance. Whatever you do, do not strain! Don’t be a wimp, but if you’re feeling cramps just let go for a minute.

Watch the positioning of your fingers. Alter the positioning of your index finger slightly up or down to see if you can fix some of the buzzes and mutes. Try rolling it to the sight a bit. Make sure your thumb is right behind the neck to give it enough support. Observe all your fingers and hand position carefully.

Don’t expect your barres to sound great in the beginning, it’s part of the process. Your fingers need to build strength but also learn to shape the right way. It takes some time for your fingers to find the right placement onto the strings. So it’s not just a matter of strength but also technique and the latter takes practice and patience. Read More »

50 of The Best Acoustic Guitar Songs of all Time

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There’s this one thing that is so completely awesome about the guitar.

I love the fact that you can choose to be in two complete different worlds. One moment I plug in my electric guitar to make it rock, scream, tear up the place and feel ecstatic.

And the other time I want to indulge in beautiful acoustic guitar songs and get swept away by melody, harmony and lyrics. It’s the best of both worlds.

Today were gonna look at same great songs to do the latter.

As with all lists on this blog they are here to give you inspiration. The lists are in no particular order and totally incomplete. And it doesn’t matter, what matters is that you grab your guitar out of the stand and start playing it after reading and listening to this post.

Maybe you’ll hear a song or artist you haven’t heard before and find yourself pleasantly surprised. Probably you haven’t heard some of the songs for quite a while and it makes you feel good to hear them again. You might consider learning one of these songs and adding them to your repertoire or get inspired to write a song of your own.

Whatever it is…


  1 – Hotel California – (Hell Freezes Over) – Eagles

  2 – Wish you were here (acoustic) – Pink Floyd

  3 – Blackbird – Paul McCartney

  4 – Angie – Rolling Stones

  5 – Heart of gold – Neil Young

  6 – More than words – Extreme

  7 – Wonderwall – Oasis

  8 – Layla (Unplugged) – Eric Clapton

  9 – To be with you – Mr. Big

10 – Under the bridge (acoustic) – Red Hot Chili Peppers

11 – Working class hero – John Lennon

12 – Crazy little thing called love – Queen

13 – The Times They Are A Changin’ – Bob Dylan

14 – Dust In The Wind – Kansas

15 – Daughters – John Mayer

16 – Everlong (acoustic) – Foo Fighters

17 – The scientist (acoustic) – Coldplay

18 – The River (acoustic) – Bruce Springsteen

19 – Ain’t No Sunshine – Bill Withers

20 – When the stars go blue – Ryan Adams

21 – Teach your children – Crosby, Still, Nash & Young

22 – Cannonball – Damien Rice

23 – Trouble – Ray La Montagne

24 – Jolene – Dolly Parton

25 – Wild horses – The Stones

26 – Redemption Song – Bob Marley

27 – Free fallin’ – Tom Petty

28 – She Talks To Angels – Black Crowes

29 – Fire and Rain – James Taylor

30 – Give a little bit – Supertramp

31 – Pride and joy (acoustic) – Stevie Ray Vaughan

32 – Sound of silence – Paul Simon

33 – Sweet home Chicago – Robert Johnson

34 – Patience – Guns N’ Roses

35 – Country roads – John Denver

36 – Have you ever seen the rain – CCR

37 – Yellow (acoustic) – Coldplay

38 – Horse With No Name – America

39 – Banana Pancakes – Jack Johnson

40 – About a girl – Nirvana

41 – American Pie – Don Mclean

42 – Jack and diane – John Mellencamp

43 – Iris – Goo goo dolls

44 – Wanted (Dead Or Alive) – Bon Jovi

45 – Both sides now – Joni Mitchell

46 – Tears In Heaven – Eric Clapton

47 – Maggie May – Rod Stewart

48 – Good riddance (time of your life) – Greenday

49 – The A team – Ed Sheeran

50 – I Will Follow You Into The Dark – Death Cab for Cutie

What’s your favorite acoustic guitar song?
Please share in the comments.


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